ca. 50 A.D. - 800 A.D.
Katalogbild (Normalansicht)

No. 357

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Disc brooch with silver base plate on which a golden cross was riveted. Center inlayed with blue glass. Frankish, from Calaincourt, Dep. Aisne, France, 7th century AD. Replica with garnet (red) or Iolith (blueish-violett). Diameter 2.5 cm. Useable as brooch and pendant.

Silver 925 and gold 900 240,00 EUR

No. 420

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Brooch depicting two birds on a tree. From Hüttlingen, Germany, second half of 7th century AD. Diameter 4.1 cm, useable as brooch or pendant.

Silver 925 43,00 EUR

No. 453

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Bronze disc with red enamel from Lagore, Co. Meath, Ireland, 8th century AD. Useable as brooch or pendant, diameter 4.1 cm. Available also in silver with blue enamel.

Silver 925 79,00 EUR
Silver 925, gold plated 97,00 EUR

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