Celtic Iron Age

ca. 800 B.C. - 50 B.C.
Katalogbild (Normalansicht)

No. 097

added27.11.2000, changed18.07.2012

Celtic gold finger ring depicting two faces of the god Teutates. Found at Rodenbach, Germany. Around 400 BC.

Silver 925 39,00 EUR

No. 107

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Celtic bronze finger ring from the Nationalmuseum in Prague, Czech Republic, 4th century BC.

Silver 925 29,00 EUR

No. 108

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Silver Celtic finger ring from Hallstatt, Austria. 4th century BC.

Silver 925 35,00 EUR

No. 194

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Silver Greek finger ring with two facing rams, around 350 BC. From Thessaloniki, Greece.

Silver 925 21,00 EUR

No. M009

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Celtic finger ring made from silver wire from between the 2nd and 3rd century BC. This style was also still used by the Romans and in the Migration Period. Available from thicker or thinner wire.

Silver 925 33,00 EUR

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