Celtic Iron Age

ca. 800 B.C. - 50 B.C.
Katalogbild (Normalansicht)

No. 001

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Irish crucifix from the 8th century AD. Heigth 4.2 cm.

Silver 925 30,00 EUR

No. 047

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Thor's hammer from Gilton, England. 6th century AD. Height: 2 cm.

Silver 925 19,00 EUR

No. 269

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Byzantine crucifix from Frankfurt/Main, Germany. 6th to 7th century AD. Height: 2.3 cm.

Silver 925 26,00 EUR

No. 324B

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Pendant , made after the decoration of the Tassilo Chalice in Kremsmünster, Austria. 8th century AD. Heigth (without loop) 2.9 cm. Available also in earring version (Nr. 324 A).

Silver 925 26,00 EUR

No. 411

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Golden pendant of a necklace. Found in a woman's burial at Hüfingen, Germany. 6th century AD. Diameter (without loop): 1.9 cm.

Silver 925 28,00 EUR
Silver 925, gold plated 39,00 EUR

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