In this catalogue you will find the major items constituting my present program of replicas of existing archaeological finds, mainly jewelry.

All replicas are made using the techniques that were used in the past. Therefore they are as functional as the original items once were. I do not create direct casts from the originals (except coins), because all the damage they mostly have will transfer to the replicas. Instead, I cut a new master model based on the original, which looks like the original once did. With the aid of this "reconstructed" master model, the replicas are then cast in the "lost wax technique".

Please read also the section Introduction to the Catalogue!

The items in the catalogue are divided into two main sections, wich are subdivided:

Periodical Classification
is divided into periods (Bronze Age, Celtic Iron Age etc.), each period is again subdivided into types (finger rings, brooches etc.)
The different types (finger rings, brooches etc.) are subdivided into periods (Bronze Age, Celtic Iron Age etc.)

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